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Something you really value about a partner is that they feel an authentic predilection for you. You can’t avoid it: you love to be admired and flattered, the more compliments you get, the better.

The feeling of being someone's object of desire fascinates you, it makes your ego bigger and you could almost say that part of your self-confidence depends on it.

If it is not like that from the beginning, you are not interested in that person, even if you have just met them. It’s fine that being able to choose, you choose what’s best for you, but try not to be too demanding.


A Leo who decides to work in the world of the arts professionally has guaranteed success. Like any other artist, there will be moments when you think that the muses seem to have abandoned you or that your opportunities are not coming, making you believe you’re jinxed.

The road to the top is not easy and less so when you don’t have enough contacts in the sector, but you can achieve whatever you wantwith perseverance and hard work. That confidence in yourself and that trust when presenting your projects is overwhelming, and you get to captivate many people this way.

Today the stars will lend a hand and they will offer you a unique opportunity. Go for it!


You get to the weekend full of energy, or at least, with more energy than you had during the week, which is an important achievement. When machines start working again after being stopped for a while, it means that you’ve started following a new path.

Having a little time to organize yourself, get up to date, settle pending issues and above all, rest, will be the key to start to feel completely recovered.

Charge your batteries as much as you can this weekend but without setting a specific goal, the last thing you need is to have pressures again. You will see how next week you’ll have a feeling of sensational well-being.