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The stars change their position again in a movement that is again positive and favorable for you. Things will go very well if your partner is, like you, a sign of fire: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

The Leos that are with a person born under the sign of Cancer are going to live a relationship especially intense, dominated by passion. The compatibility between you and someone from that sign is going to be enormous. 

So, if you are single, take advantage of these circumstances to get near someone who is Cancer. For only a sporadic relationship or for something more serious that can last; you'll feel very comfortable next to this person. 


Avoid by all means arguing with Scorpio or Virgo natives. It seems that you have someone very close from this sign in your professional or work environment, such as a client, a teacher or even a boss or colleague.

This person can make your promotion to job success a bit harder, so be smarter and earn their trust. For some unknown reason you awaken certain suspicions in that person, who doesn't seem to see with good eyes those airs of greatness that you give off.

You can also choose to let your temper calm down and then resume your conversations with him or her. Like a good lion that stalks its prey, you will have a clear strategy to follow to catch it.


They say that each person has a guardian angel by their side that watches over their health, their security and their wellbeing being intermediary between humans and deities. In addition to protecting, they are the ones who guide them to take the right path.

Today you will suffer a mishap that will make you remember this guardian angel that protects you, you will think that if it weren't for him you would have to regret a serious accident.

Nothing bad will happen to you, as long as your guardian angel is well aware of what threatens you. But in any case, the truth is that this experience will reaffirm you even more in that idea of enjoying the present as if there were no tomorrow.