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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Leo Sign for Sunday 29th July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Sunday
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There are a series of links between two people that can't be broken although there are hundreds of kilometers between them; an affirmation in which it is better to deposit all your credibility.

Your sign isn't precisely prone to have a relationship at a distance, but if the opportunity arises it is clear that a few kilometers won't get between you and your love.

It's going to be very complicated, if you decide to go for it, get it to keep going. The key is to have a lot of contact with the other person, a circumstance that may, at times, overwhelm you a little.


There are some financial problems that you have the feeling that they will accompany you during the rest of your days. Living counting down so that you enter the payroll isn't healthy, Leo.

You already have a clear strategy to reach the end of the month, but now what is happening to you is what happens every time something new happens: it needs a time of apprenticeship and adaptation before it starts to work.

During these days before a new cycle of your personal economy -and/or family economy- you will feel very impatient, wishing to find some last minute surprise that will fix the month.


The badly handled nerves will be your worst enemy during the day, Leo, since you can even get a little overloaded and too intense.

It seems that the hyperactivity that you feel is more complicated to carry than you thought: the most possible thing is that you haven't even been able to sleep.

It's good that you listen to some advice from the people around you, as they could help you calm down the "hyperactivity" you have had since the weekend began.

Sharing tricks and experiences will make you learn new ways of taking care of yourself or even that what is causing this nervousness stops affecting you so much.