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Leo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 16th March

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The real action is shown through acts and not with so much talking. Some days are coming in which you'll feel very sexual and you will spend most of the day thinking about all those things you want to do and experience.

However, talking about sex may end up causing the opposite effect: your friends will think that you just talk and talk and your partner, that you are creating false expectations.

In addition, you may also feel overwhelmed to see that you are giving this issue so much importance. Stop talking so much and move on to action, but don't expect doing things in a hurry either. In balance lies the key to any success.


As a good fire sign like yours, starting your engines is shown in different ways, both in the sentimental aspect and in the material one. This means that sometimes you burn money that you shouldn't or that you don't have. 

When a Leo goes through a stage in which spending money is almost a necessity, there is no stopping them and that can create a serious economic problem for you today. Your finances remain stable as long as there is no element that alters that stability.

You have before you a new period that will make your accounts go through a less thriving period, but it hasn't started yet. Be patient and soon you can give yourself those cravings you want so much.


As a good Leo, you highly value all those activities that imply pleasure or that give you a certain level of well-being.

Enjoying the relaxation provided by a spa or a massage will become a priority for you today; you want to experience that feeling of peace and relaxation that you don't really have in your life.

When your body asks you for something it's because you really need it and it's true that this is something that Leos need more often than other signs. Today you will have to settle for a good feeling of training that leaves you exhausted. Tomorrow will be another day.