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Leo Magic Horoscope for 26th February

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The most passionate and impulsive Leos will feel that their character doesn't fit in the world of love, at least how it's understood nowadays or in their surroundings. 

Those impulses that are generated from nothing and that leads them to want to satisfy their instincts have ended up configuring a way of life that doesn't resemble at all to the people who they relate with in their day to day life, neither to what others expect from them.

While some will be true to themselves and will decide to live the life they want, others will try to meet the expectations of the people around them.


That recognition they long for might, on occasion, cause Leos to act in an altruistic way.

You love being told how important you are at work and receiving recognition for your actions is something that makes you feel better with yourself, even as if you were someone more important than the rest.

Staying later than the rest, working in your free time or not making the coffee break are some of your habits. What would happen if one day you discovered that this isn't a symptom of being the best, but the most dedicated?


To grow as a person, you must learn to manage the person you are both physically and mentally. The well-known motto: mens sana in corpore sano, must become your leitmotif, otherwise you will never be able to progress.

If you only focus on one of these two spheres, you will achieve results, yes, but there will always be something that lets you down. Both sides must agree and row in the same direction.

On the other hand, you should make an effort to concentrate more in the present moment. If you only think about your personal problems while you are at work and vice versa, you will never solve anything.