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Leo Horoscope for Wednesday, 31st January

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You’ve always shown yourself as an insensitive person, with an impassable shell only a few are able to break through. The truth is that behind that armor there is a sensitive heart that needs to be listened to once in a while. You’re used to offering advice to others, and now it’s time for someone to offer you their support.

During these difficult times you will discover who deserves your friendship and who has been by your side for mere formality. This will help you to get away from people who only offer you negative vibes and who don’t hesitate in running away when times get difficult.


Some people around you have trusted in you in your job and you shouldn’t rest on your laurels, and this is something you won’t be able to avoid doing today. The truth is you spend more time meeting and having coffee with your colleagues than working, and you should end this as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss the chance of promotion.

It’s time to share your joint savings with your partner as you should because one of you is carrying a lot of expenses. When you solve this issue, both of your savings will increase.


There’s something you’ve dreamt of that should happen in real life. It’s a kind of premonitory vision, although the truth is it’s a sign that your body is sending to you so you keep it in mind. Stop cooking with too much oil, stop drinking or start running, these are some of the things that could be added to your list.

On the other hand, you’re soon going to go through a delicate health problem and that will probably take you to hospital. When the symptoms start go to the doctor’s so he can prescribe the right medicine for you.  

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