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Leo Magical Horoscope Astral Prediction for 4th February

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If it were possible to always know the ending of the circumstances we live in, we would be machines and no one would make mistakes. You should not be afraid of the future, much less fall victim to the anguish that causes you to think that things are going to go wrong: it is our own actions that lead us to one place or another.

In spite of your reluctance and that you had not predicted anything good about your relationship with that person, you have been by their side longer than you had expected and together you have gone further than you ever imagined.

You have let yourself be loved and although there have been few obstacles that you have had to solve; you have overcome them all successfully. That is not something that all couples can boast of, so stop seeing terrible endings where there are none.


A lot of Leos will think of having a radical change today. This is what happens to the king of the zodiac when he does not have many things to do and the influence of certain stars is very strong: thousands of ideas can go through his head and they are capable of making an exhaustive analysis –in their own way– of their current situation, in which they value what things are good and which are not.

It is obvious that in your accounts there is something that’s not working: it’s not possible that earning what you earn you get to the end of the month with so little margin. Check everything without missing any detail.


For people born under the sign of Leo, it’s difficult to understand that there are people who can have the same charisma as them. So when they don’t pay enough attention to you, you can become unbearable and you don’t realize that it is you –and therefore, your health– the only one who pays the consequences.

You may notice throughout the day today how that torrent of energy disappears immediately because of anger. Those problems that you had because of your constant anxiety and stress, as were the cardiovascular and tension complications, could return sooner than you think if you do not moderate your bigheadedness.

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