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When sexuality turns on in a fire sign, putting off their flame is a very difficult and long task. You may turn on more easily today than these last weeks and even more intensely than you have turned on these last days.

It's a matter of time and your state of mind, that the more stable is the more you can enjoy these things. You will learn to feel better within a relationship in which communication flows and there are no secrets.

Avoid distancing yourself from your partner and instead share with her or him all those sexual concerns you have. You may be surprised to find that you share more interests than you thought.


If you stop calmly today to visualize those new projects that they have put on the table for you, will make you realize that in reality they are something empty and lacking in personality.

You will feel that they are waiting for you to put on them your personal touch, that extra that makes them more special and stand out from the rest. Sometimes you show a sweeping character in the form of criticism, you are very decisive when working and you don't hesitate in undoing things that you consider aren't correct.

It's this capacity for decision and that vision of improvement that has led you to be where you are, so don't be shy and make the changes you think necessary. Even if it means putting half the office against you.


Today accidents could become a dramatic reality. Be careful because you can cut yourself even with the edge of a paper; you will walk more distracted than usual.

It's normal considering that in your head there only seems to be room for two things: that moment of intimacy with your partner and that work project. If you can avoid using very sharp knives when you cook it will be the best and be careful with cleaning yourself in that shower that has a too slippery floor.

All this without talking about the gym or physical activity that you do, where the chances of injury are very high.