Leo Weekly Prediction for 28 January - 3 February

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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The beginning of the week will be great. You’ll get lost in passionate hugs and romantic encounters that won’t be easy to forget. You have no idea how long this person has been waiting for this moment. That’s why you’re going to live it fully. 

Share everything you can with your partner until Wednesday. The stars will bring out the best in the relationship.

Some of your friends might get jealous of your happiness and create conflicts or make false accusations. Just ignore them. The truth is that those annoying comments will soon be forgotten, therefore, don’t engage in them nor argue. You don’t have to defend yourself from these lies and gossip.

Towards the weekend your heart and emotions will be overshadowed by some bad news that will come from far away and make you very sad. Count on your family support and at the same time, be there for those who are weaker than you. You may go through some moments of melancholy.

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Beware of expenses that may get out of control. You spent a lot of money ringing in the New Year and haven’t been able to get back on track since then.  Think twice before taking on new commitments.

This week you’ll be finally able to pay off all your debts.

Those born under your sign, especially in the second or third deanery, will have many economic and work opportunities. The positive aspect of Mars and Jupiter in the related signs will lead you to success and realization of your plans you’ve waited for so long.

This progress won’t do without your effort and tension. Visualize your future surrounded by everything you dream of. You’ll see how prodigious and powerful your mind is.


This week you’ll have good health in general. Your well-being and optimal energy will depend on the organization of your meals, good time and stress management.

Beware of high blood pressure as well as infectious diseases such as colds, gastroenteritis and flu, since stress and excess activity may weaken your immune system. A diet rich in antioxidants will help your body keep strong.