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You won't feel like going to that family meal you've been invited; especially, when your partner tells you that he/she won’t go. You’ll get very upset since it’s not the first time they do it. Their parents may be more conventional than yours but that’s not the reason to avoid going to your family get-togethers.

Talk to your partner and tell him/her that you also do things you don’t like sometimes. However, you don’t mind doing them as long as they make your better half happy. This will make them reflect on their behaviour. After all, your family is also theirs.

Single Leos will come up with a great plan: meeting their siblings or friends to play videogames and having all kinds of unhealthiest snacks.

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Leo, if you couldn’t finish your studies at school due to personal reasons and you’re eager to retake your studies, it’s a perfect moment to do so because the stars will favour you. Although you know that having a degree doesn’t make you more intelligent or a better person, this is a personal issue that you’d like to solve so you can be proud of yourself.

Today many shops will start their Christmas campaign. Don't get carried away by this current and keep a cool head. It's best to have a shopping "plan" and compare prices before going out and buying gifts impulsively.


Doing sports once or twice a week is better than nothing, but don’t expect great results if you’re not constant. Your weekly work schedule isn’t the reason you can’t do regular exercise. It’s all about personal organization. Most of the time you let laziness take over you and at the end of the day, you feel guilty for not having done exercise since your body is asking for action.

If finally, you decide to go for a run today, be especially careful with your ankles and calves since the Moon in Aquarius will weaken these body parts.