Your Leo Horoscope for November 1

Your Leo prediction for Friday, 1 November 2019
Leo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope

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Today you’ll miss a family member who’s been very important in your life. You always keep this person in your heart and you hope that wherever they are, they’re proud of you. Missing this relative will lead you to be a little distant with your partner. You’ll welcome their hugs and attention but your thoughts will be somewhere else.

Single Leos will feel the effect of the entrance of the planet of love in Sagittarius (which is a sign of fire, like you). You’ll be invaded by an uncontrollable desire to live new experiences. You may sign up for an activity like climbing or via Ferrata and meet someone with the same desire to eat the world there.

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You’ll be very aware of your money. At the end of the family meal in a restaurant, you’ll be the first to suggest everyone pays for their own food. It's respectable and legitimate, but it makes no sense if you've all ordered similar dishes that cost more or less the same. Therefore, your words will only make you look like a cheapskate.

You’ll spend the day checking your bank accounts to see if your customer has made a payment. Don’t waste your time on such matters. Forget about it for today and if you don’t receive the money tomorrow, call your customer and clarify the delay.


Feeling sad may affect your appetite. However, your body needs nutrients to keep working properly. Leave stodgy food behind and have some light meals you like, such as salads, grilled vegetables or soups.

Before you go to bed, thank the Universe for everything you have. It’s a good exercise to make you feel happy and blessed.