If you’re single, you may throw yourself into a new relationship. You’ll think that finally, you’ve got over that lack of affection that you’ve needed so badly these days. However, if you make hurried decisions without thinking twice, you may feel very hurt in the near future if this relationship doesn’t work out.

You might also start a long-distance relationship. At first, this person will seem your soulmate, as you’ll get on perfectly. However, as time goes by, you’ll realize that you need physical contact in your relationship, and it’s not going to last.

Leos in a relationship will keep seeking affection and admiration to feel safe and loved.

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If you work in an international company or a business that exports its production abroad, your customers are likely to start complaining and cancelling orders. A misunderstanding or malicious rumours about your products will affect your company dramatically. Try to calm down and gather all the necessary evidence to counteract these rumours.

If your knowledge of a foreign language is rusty (or you’ve never studied one), it’s time to sign up for an official course, as nowadays it’s almost a must for any job.

An impulsive purchase of plane tickets to see someone special will make you waste your money, as you’ll probably have to cancel this trip.


You’ll be eager to nibble something all day long due to your anxiety. Unhealthy snacks like doughnuts or croissants may easily upset your stomach. Change these snacks for apple slices and spread some peanut butter on them. This way you’ll get the necessary nutrients, proteins and sugar you’re craving for.

You’ll be a little thick today and you’ll find it difficult to engage in deep philosophical conversations. You won’t be very talkative and only have superficial conversations.