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Leo, a misunderstanding with your partner will lead you to being cold and distant all day. What a pity; this way you won’t be able to take advantage of this Sunday to keep creating bonds between you. Don’t take things too seriously today. If you get angry at the first thing you hear, it may lead to a break up. It’s not worth fighting over such silly things.

If you have kids, you’ll hear an expression “you just don’t understand me” more than once today. You’d better not insist and leave them alone. If you argue with them, you’ll just make them go into their shell. Tomorrow they’ll calm down and it’ll be them who will come to talk to you.

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One of your co-workers will post a picture of a few people from your department having a drink. And no one has told you anything! This is because one of the members of that photo is jealous of you. He/she can't stand not being the center of attention and that's why they asked everybody not to invite you. You always get almost all the attention thanks to your innate charisma.

You’ll be absent-minded and spoil your favorite T-shirt. You’ll accidentally wash it with some red clothes and while hanging the washing out to dry you’ll notice all the pink stains. Such a waste of money! You’ve been saving for it for quite a long time.


Your intimate health is very important. It may be embarrassing to show your privates to a stranger, but remember how important it is to be tested regularly to prevent illnesses. If you feel uncomfortable when you sit down or feel any other discomfort, you must pay a visit to a specialist. Get rid of your silly prejudices; all doctors are professionals and they’re there to guarantee your good health and recovery.

Mentally, you’ll feel confused and you won’t feel focused participating in meetings or doing your tasks. You’ll be eager to crawl under a rock and die on more than one occasion today.