Your spouse's ex-partner will show up in his/her life again trying to become friends. Deep down, you all know that he/she is still in love with your partner and their true intentions are quite different. However, Leo, this isn’t your battle. It’s your loved one who has to set limits.

If your partner really loves you, he/she won’t hesitate for a second to prioritize your relationship and cut off all contact with the ex. However, if your other half stars acting weird, maybe it's time to seriously reconsider your relationship.

One of your friends will be eager to talk to you about something very serious to him/her. Although their problem may seem trivial to you, try to pay attention and put yourself in their shoes before you say something silly and make them feel worse.

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In today's negotiations, you’ll have to look for different points of view to find balance and reach an agreement with your partners, customers or employees. Understanding words will be your best asset to make everyone happy.

Moreover, if you’re in charge of the organization of the project, success is guaranteed.

Your investments will start bearing fruit and you’ll be able to open a savings account. If you have a clear goal of what you’re saving your money for, it’ll be easier to achieve it. Set a certain amount of money aside to spend on your whims and don’t exceed it.


You may overload your back muscles. Be very careful when lifting weight; watch your posture and how you distribute the weight of your body. Do some stretching exercises when you feel you need a rest. This way you’ll avoid a major injury.

Leo women’s pre-menstrual or menstrual cramps may be especially intense today. Raspberry leaves, which reduce inflammation, will help you relieve these symptoms.