Leo,your mind will be so busy with work matters that you’ll hardly have time to think about your relationship. Although you’ll hug and kiss your partner once you get home, you’ll do it out of habit, like a robot that has been programmed to do certain things.

You’ll be immersed in your thoughts and find it hard to focus on your partner. However, your better half won’t even notice it because he/she will also be affected by the same energy. You’ll spend time together both being absorbed by another dimension.

Single Leos will turn down the idea of a traditional family. You’ll prefer not to label your relationships and simply go with the flow.

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As if you didn't have enough with the stellium in your work area, today's great astrological event (Uranus in Taurus) will activate your vocational zone, as well as authority and social power. This transpersonal planet is in your Midheaven and will stay there for 8 years.

You’ll begin to look for more autonomy in your workplace or a job that would give you more freedom due to new technologies. You may even consider looking for a job that would allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

You’ll be eager to become your own boss and not put up with anyone's demands. Therefore, you’ll act rebelliously if your superior doesn’t treat you with respect.

Basically, you’ll seek financial freedom. You'll be willing to pay off your debts as soon as possible. If you know how to embrace the chaos that sometimes accompanies Uranus and its radical transformations, you’ll be successful.


You may consider a change in your diet. You won’t be worried about healthy eating. It’ll be more related to your love for animals. You’ll look for information about becoming a vegetarian or vegan.

Your mental chaos will lead you to look for your mother’s love and attention. Go to see her and talk to her. Her hugs and affection will help you calm down.