Leo Horoscope Wednesday
Your Leo Horoscope for Wednesday | Magic Horoscope


Today you’ll feel very happy when it comes to love. Passion will take over you and you’ll be eager to enjoy intimate moments with your partner all day long. Your libido will increase when least expected, for example, when cooking lunch or dusting the furniture. After dinner, you’ll start watching a film but it’ll be difficult to finish it, as passionate interruptions will play the main role today!

Single Leos have everything they need to find a partner who can satisfy their sexual needs today. Only later on, you’ll see if it can become a stable relationship.


The Sun is in a harmonic aspect with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. You’ll be benefited by the stars in the area of investment and work. When it comes to high-value purchases or investments, your sixth sense will help you make the right decisions.

You could take advantage of damaged goods or abandoned lands and transform or renew them so that you can sell them later.

At work, your optimistic attitude, honesty and willingness to overcome challenges will lead you to success. That's why it's a great day to have a job interview, apply for a new job or start a new project. You won’t need anybody’s help to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself.


Your way of perceiving spirituality and talking about death will evolve if you worked on your perceptions of life in February. You’ll ask yourself if life is something earthly or the soul really exists. Your beliefs will start changing once you talk to spiritual, religious and mystical people you’re destined to meet this year.

Your own experiences and intuition will help you to find some answers that will give you peace, but you’ll discover even more questions to explore.