Leo, you have to be careful not to get carried away by the energies today. This Sunday will be a key day in 2020 worldwide. Saturn is in conjunction with Pluto and Mercury.

While chatting with your friends, family or people you barely know, you’ll defend your beliefs and opinions on social and political issues to the hilt, which may make you lose your temper. You won’t get aggressive, but try to avoid strong discussions and arguments.

Fortunately, your partner will be able to calm you down. His or her embraces will make you feel better, although you might not even notice it. You’ll still be angry at the world.

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The tense atmosphere will affect your areas of work, vocation, power and social authority. If you feel trapped in your job, you’ll no longer be able to bear it. Looking for freedom will become your priority.

You won’t be afraid to face your bosses if you think that’s what you have to do to defend your rights. Time will become your main priority, and you’ll be eager to spend it with the people you like, doing things you want and working in the place you feel comfortable with.

You also may get involved in solidary events, such as demonstrations or signatures for law petitions in order to help others get better economic conditions.


You’ll feel collective tension. The energies will be very vibrant and powerful. Sparks will fly all around you and you’ll have to make effort not to act rudely.  

To release accumulated tension, try exercising for at least an hour or two a day. You should also meditate to calm your mind. Avoid caffeine and theine drinks. Have a cup of relaxing herbal infusion before you go to bed.