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Today is going to be a very important day for you. The full moon in Taurus will affect your zone of sexuality, death and transformation. You’ve been already noticing the predominant energy of Scorpio and today it’ll reach its peak.

What does it mean to you? Well, you’ll dive into your unconsciousness to get rid of what no longer serves you. You’ll have to leave behind things that have taught you something in the past but are no longer useful.

This energy will also encourage you to return to your essence. Stop pleasing others, including your partner, and be yourself.

Your day will be full of passion, emotions, euphoria and great pleasure. Open your senses, make the most of them and enjoy it to the fullest, Leo!

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It’s a good day to get rid of everything that you no longer use. It applies to everything related to your economy and material things: objects, decoration, vehicles and investments.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your home anymore, sell it and look for a new place to live. If your car is very old and you no longer like it, start looking for a new one. If your investments aren’t as beneficial as you expected them to be, sell them and invest in another sector.

If you change things to make yourself feel better, they’ll give great results.


You’ll have a very positive self-evaluation. You’ll be focused on yourself and the things you want. Mental dramas will have no place in your mind. You’ll be eager to turn some things around and start walking a new direction. It’s time to make the necessary changes to feel fully happy.

Your physical health will help you throughout the process since you’ll have enough energy to take care of all your tasks.