Venus in Pisces will make you more emotional and passionate. You’ll be eager to connect deeper with your partner or with that person you like. You’ll feel the need to merge with your soul mate in a physical, sexual, emotional and financial way.

You’ll seek intensity in your relationship. You may feel vulnerable and become jealous and possessive for no reason. You’ll give your best and expect to receive the same in terms of love and commitment.

However, beware, because you may get caught up in a turbulent relationship that could become toxic.

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Today you’ll be very concentrated and willing to perform all your tasks at work. You’ll be extremely responsible and focused on your goals. However, you may unintentionally become arrogant since you won’t be eager to spend your valuable time talking to others or lending them a hand.

If you’re a project leader or a boss, you’ll be benefited today. You’ll be able to be objective and focused on the right matters. You’ll get rid of everything that gets in the way of reaching your goals, such as people, tools, work methods, etc.

Today your attitude towards money will be very different. You won’t buy or invest in anything. On the contrary, you may even be willing to sell some of your things in order to lighten your energy and that of your home or workplace.


You’ve been working a lot recently and you’ll feel that you’re not as successful as you expected to be. These thoughts will make you sad and may even spoil your day. Don’t worry, Leo.This year is a long-distance race, and if you do well, success will come.

Mentally, it's a crucial time. Self-regeneration of your psychological identity will open the door to a new stage in your life and to a new you.