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It's a good day to have a fluent conversation with your partner or spouse. Talk about your wishes and expectations. Exchange points of view and share your projects. This conversation will help you understand each other better and improve your relationship.

If you’re single, you’ll turn into a private detective to find out everything about the person you like. You'll surf the internet and look through every social network until you find him/her. You’ll look into their musical tastes, favorite series, pets, studies, etc. If you go out on a date, this information may help you out, but be clever and introduce these topics subtly. If you tell them that you've checked all their social profiles, they may feel uncomfortable and block you from all possible sites.

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The atmosphere at work will remind you of a tabloid. Rumors and gossip will go around the office getting further from the truth every time they’ll be passed on. Try not to get involved and keep your distance.

If your colleagues ask you for information, pretend you know nothing and get on with your tasks.

A traffic fine will spoil your mood. Don’t blame it on the system, Leo. You’re the one who hasn’t respected speed limits, and now it’s time to pay for it.


You may feel discomfort in your neck, shoulders and spine today. You must fix your posture when sitting and standing. Sometimes you look like the hunchback of Notre-Dame! Stretch your spine, stand straight and let your shoulders fall backwards. Once you get used to it, your posture will immediately improve.