The Moon will enter Scorpio, which is your zone of family and home. And that’s exactly what your partner means to you; he/she is your closest family and always makes you feel like home. It doesn’t matter where you are, all that counts is that you’re together. Therefore, on this Valentine’s Day, you’ll feel like making more effort. You’ll look for a perfect gift for your better half. Remember, that horoscope signs may help you find one.

Single Leos who have children will be eager to make them feel special. Why don’t you let them choose a restaurant and take them there?

If you’re in love with yourself and you don’t need anyone by your side to have a good time, you may go out with your friends tonight. Remember that Saint Valentine’s Day is not only a love day. It also represents friendship, although not many people know that.

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The planet of love (Venus) in Aries (impulsivity) will enter your travel zone. With the excuse of Saint Valentine’s Day, you’ll organize a getaway to inland or mountains, and spend a wonderful and romantic weekend with your partner. You’ll be looking for a place where you can enjoy mutual affection surrounded by nature and fresh air.

Although it’s something unusual for you, today you’ll try to avoid or postpone certain tasks at work so that you can finish work earlier and get home sooner.


Leo, today you won’t care about yourself much and focus on the happiness of those around you. You’ll be more sentimental than usual and your words will be direct but gentle.

You may forget about your diet today and go for unhealthy fast food. However, later you’ll be eager to do exercise, only this time not in a gym but in your bedroom.