Every time your crush talks to you, your hands start sweating and you feel butterflies in your stomach. However, your way of flirting and glances don’t seem to work. It’s time to change your strategy, Leo.

No, we're not talking about trying to make your crush jealous, since that would only drive your love further away from you. Maybe your methods of seduction have become a little outdated, and that's why you don't know how to interact and make this person realize you're interested in him/her. Subtly ask your friends for advice on how you could start a conversation with your platonic love.

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Be careful at work today, especially if you’re going to move money writing checks and making transfers. You’ll be a little absent-minded. You may lose an important document and the money will arrive to the wrong destination.

Setting up a work plan will be the key to success today. Spend half an hour before you start to get organized. It’s better to write down your tasks on a piece of paper and cross them out once done. This way you’ll free your brain from an unnecessary mental burden.

If you’re still unemployed, make a list of possible companies that suit your professional profile, write personalized cover letters and email them during the week.


You have so many things on your mind that lately, you’ve forgotten about yourself. Even though it’s Tuesday, take some time to connect with yourself, listen to your consciousness and your body. Discover your hidden talents. Listen to your spiritual guides’ advice.

Rushing here and there you may end up bumping into a person or a lamp post in the street. Be careful, because the stars predict that you’ll be quite clumsy today.