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Venus will quadrature Neptune, and this tense aspect between the planets will diminish your self-esteem (despite the fact that Leos have the highest self-confidence of all signs). You’ll feel very strange because you aren’t used to this.  

Feeling vulnerable can affect you in two ways: you may either act in a defensive way all day and generate arguments with your partner, or explain your loved one how you’re feeling and let him/her spoil you with lots of affection and attention. It’s your choice, Leo.

If you’re single, you’ll look in the mirror and see only the negative. Try to change your point of view and remember that your thoughts are like a garden. You must take care of them so that they bloom and are in harmony.

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You’ll meet someone very important who works for a competitor company. It’ll be a cordial but interesting chat. You won’t be sure if this person is trying to get some information out of you or he/she is simply interested in your profile for a possible work position. Be cautious and don't reveal information that could compromise you, but be open and available for a future agreement.

Keep that lottery ticket that your friend has given you in a safe place. It could be the solution to all your economic problems.


Your partner and you won’t be eager to cook tonight so you’ll opt for a takeaway from a restaurant of dubious quality. Its greasy dishes usually taste good but are definitely not the best option for your health.

When it comes to your emotions, you’ll have to decide whether you let your low self-esteem dominate you or you dominate it.