It's the last day of Mars in Sagittarius in your zone of romance; therefore, passion, impulsive adventures, and sporadic love will play the main role today. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll attract someone else’s attention and have to decide whether to be faithful to your partner or have some fun with someone you have no feelings for.

Single Leos will also conquer hearts today. You may start a relationship, but it won’t last. You’ll be attracted to people of different ages and from various exotic cultures.

This Saturday is a perfect day to go out and live adventures with your children. Why don’t you try archery? You’ll have a lot of fun doing something new.

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Today you’ll be eager to live in the moment and you’ll spend more money than you should. However, tomorrow you’ll get more serious and start managing your finances in a better way in order to be able to save some money.

At work, you’ve been trying to apply new approaches or you may have set up your own business. From now on, all your physical strength must be focused on achieving success. You must start putting all your ideas into practice and turn them into techniques and methodologies. There’s no time to beat around the bush, so focus and get things done.

It's a good day for Leos who work as translators, city or museum guides and travel agents.


With the crescent moon in Scorpio, there will be fiery water energy in the air. Gossip, envy, jealousy, and promiscuity will be present today. Measure your words and your actions. Try to do some exercise and meditate for some time.

You’ll be able to observe your deepest and darkest desires. Put them into practice and let the vibrations around you carry you away. However, be careful not to hurt anyone. Make sure that your relationships are 100% consented to by all parties.