You’ll communicate in a very prudent way and you’ll try to see everything in a fair and impartial way today. Your proactive attitude will help you deal with the arguments that you haven’t been able to solve before because of your stubbornness.

A different perspective always helps you see things clearer, as you expand your horizons and grow as a person. You might want to call your mother who you haven’t been on very good terms with for quite a long time. Try to regain your bond but make sure your expectations aren’t too high to live up to.

If you're a single Leo, you'll be so hesitant that you’ll find it difficult to approach the person you like. After shuffling through all the possible scenarios, you’ll decide to say nothing due to the fear of rejection.

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Interesting news and gossip regarding your ex-bosses or colleagues will reach your ears. This information will be related to your work position and your workplace. This will allow you to enter a market that you had previously rejected in order not to become competition for your workmates. However, with this information in mind, you’ll be willing to launch your projects without remorse.

All the activities related to communication and education will go especially smoothly on this day.

You’ll get a lot of job offers from various places. There will be so many of them that you’ll have to turn some down. You’ll be benefited and the Universe will shower you with gifts today.


The moon in Libra will have an influence on your kidneys so watch your salt intake (you should not exceed 5 grams a day), avoid foods with saturated fats and refined and hydrogenated oil; and, if you smoke, quit tobacco at once.