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At the end of the day you’ll be eager to do something romantic with your partner to express all the love you feel inside. You may watch a film about soulmates, which will make you feel those butterflies in your stomach again, just like on the day you met. The movie will inspire you to do more things together.

Leos who have just started dating someone will see that this person doesn’t fill them up. You may have rushed into this relationship just because you didn’t want to be alone. You’d better stop wasting your time and end it as soon as possible.

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A stomach problem will make you leave home early since you won’t be able to continue working. Your boss will insist you make up your lost time. However, don’t rush; you shouldn’t get back to work until you’ve fully recovered. If your superior is threatening to fire you, be cautious and record all the messages and conversations you have in case you need to use them in the future.

Due to your illness you’ll have to cancel the activity that you were going to do with your friends tomorrow. The problem is that you’ve already paid for it and according to the terms of purchase, you can only get half money back.


Your intestinal health will be affected by something you ate yesterday. Your stomach will be very upset and you’ll feel so bad in general that you’ll have to leave work early and head straight home.

In order to recover, drink plenty of water, make some rice and carrot soup and have a couple of chamomile teas. Change all your weekend plans so you can rest at home and let your loved ones spoil you.