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Astral energies will help you start the week on the right foot. Both the Moon in your sign and Venus in Sagittarius (which is also a fire sign) will lead you to a lot of energy and self-confidence. You don’t usually lack these qualities, but today you’ll feel even stronger.

When it comes to love, all your words and actions will come directly from your heart. Your partner will look at you as if he/she was fifteen years old and you’ll feel flattered and loved. You’ll also try to make your better half feel loved and appreciated.

If you’re single, you’ll stir up passions and make people sigh. Shameless looks will make you feel like the king/queen of the world. Your sensuality and attraction will be at their best and you’ll be able to conquer whoever you want!

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You’ll spend a lot of money trying to make your partner feel special today. You'll invite them to an expensive restaurant for dinner or surprise them with a very expensive piece of jewellery. The person you love deserves to be treated like royalty and that's what you'll do. However, tomorrow you’ll have to review all expenses and readjust your remaining budget to survive until the end of the month. Tonight you’ll eat like millionaires, but if you don't control your expenses, you may have to eat like poor people for the rest of the month.

When it comes to work, your creativity will lead you to readjust and polish some details of that project you’ll have to deliver very soon. However, these last-minute changes will upset some of your workmates who won’t be happy about them.


Your energy will be at its best and you’ll be eager to enjoy life to the fullest. Today you’ll enjoy life and the company of those around you. You’ll be grateful for everything the universe has given you. Your health will be excellent and let you carry out all your plans.