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The line between "I" and "we" has become too blurred in your relationship. You’ll feel the need for more space to express your individuality. You’ll have to put a barrier between your intimacy and your partner, but be very careful when expressing your needs.

Make sure you don’t sound cold and distant when you talk to your partner; otherwise, he/she may think that what you’re asking for is more distance between you. You may even give an impression that you no longer feel the same way and that you’re not in love anymore. Make your loved one understand that it’s quite the opposite. In order to be happy, you also need to do things separately. It's a totally normal and very healthy thing to do in a relationship.

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You’ll get involved in a situation that will drastically alter your economic plans. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, Leo. Your loved ones trust you; if you have to borrow money from them, they know that you’ll pay them back as soon as possible. It's all right; everyone goes through rough patches at some point in their life.

If there's no way to sell your property, maybe it's time to look for other ways to make a profit. Have you thought about renting it? Look for reliable tenants until the market is back on track so that rent could at least cover your mortgage payments.


Staying hydrated is a serious matter. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, you should drink a litre and a half of water a day. Juices don’t count and much less carbonated and sugary drinks. If you can’t remember to drink water because you’re never thirsty, set your alarm clock to remind you to drink a big glass of water every hour.