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Planetary positions may have a negative influence on you today, Leo. You could become dominant and jealous of your partner. If you want your spouse to stay with you, this attitude can lead to the opposite. Remember that you must always have respect for your partner and that he/she doesn’t belong to you. It’s a person who chooses to be by your side.

Single Leos may also have this attitude towards someone they’ve been chatting with. You'll get angry if this person doesn’t respond to your messages. Don't get upset about it; you’re not the center of the world, Leo.

Your children may act rebelliously, too. The more rules and punishments you impose today, the more they’ll shout, cry and break things. Control your anger; otherwise, things will get worse.

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The hard work you’ve been doing in your company for months will be rewarded with a pay rise or a better contract. Your work has helped the company grow and everyone’s seen it. Good for you, Leo!

If you’re renting your place, the owner of the house will call you to let you know that you must moveout because he/she wants to sell a property and has to evict you for the visits. What a disaster! With Mercury about to enter your sign, the best thing to do is to talk to your landlord again tomorrow and reach an agreement. They can’t kick you out of the house until you’ve found a new place.


A feeling of insecurity will create a feeling of inferiority. This will lead to a dominant attitude and power. You’re no more, no less than anyone else. You’re a soul living an earthly experience. Keep calm because you can’t control most of the things around you.