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Mercury in the sign of Scorpio will make the communication with your partner smoother. You’ll be able to understand each other much better and solve the conflicts you’ve been having these days.

Venus will still be in Sagittarius; therefore, it’s a good day to go away together with your partner for a few days to reconnect. Romantic atmosphere will help you unleash your passion, Leo. Look for a hotel room with a Jacuzzi or something similar.

Single Leos will be looking for someone to chat with and have a good time in bed, but you don’t want to be tied; therefore, a serious relationship is definitely not an option for you right now.

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You’ll be willing to talk to your partner about your combined expenses. Work out how much each of you spends, your fixed expenses, the joint savings, etc. Don’t throw anything in your partner’s face; simply update your household economy to make sure you both manage your money correctly.

You may realize that the percentage you allocate to each thing is quite unbalanced and you have to make some readjustments.

At work, you may suggest your company invests in a new product. You’ll be able to put your point of view and opinion across effectively. You’ll convince everyone that you’re right and that it’s a good opportunity to grow. This investment will bring you and your company long-term benefits.


Dreaming that your partner is cheating on you is a common dream, especially if you have an important pending conversation or your self-esteem is lower than usual. In no case it’s a premonitory dream, unless you have a well-founded doubt. So don't be angry with your spouse; the pain you feel has been created by your brain. He/she has nothing to do with it.

Your physical health will be great. You’ll also enjoy mental fluency which will help you express your thoughts clearly and effectively.