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The entrance of the Sun in Sagittarius that will take place today will influence your zone of economic well-being and self-esteem. This will turn into a very positive and cheerful attitude towards life. You’ll push anyone in a bad mood out of the way. Complaints won’t be a part of your day today!

You’ll idealize the world a little and try to make everyone around you have fun. Today you’ll be the leader of all groups, the life and soul of the party, which is so typical of your sign, Leo

When it comes to love, you’ll be happy, too. You’ll make jokes and act silly just to make your partner (or your date) laugh until they can no more. You’ll arrange a social weekend with only one objective: to have fun. You may start tonight going to a karaoke bar or dancing in a disco.

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Knock, knock! Did you hear that, Leo? It's luck knocking on your door. Any financial movement or investment you make today will bring you big profits.

You’ll be also lucky in everything related to money itself: you may get a pay rise, recover the money you’ve lent, find some money on the street or receive some notes from a rich relative so you can buy what you want.

If you’ve been considering starting a business on your own, the stars will be helping you out this month; therefore, you can present your business model to the banks or investors and get the financing you need.


Not knowing how to breathe correctly may lead to some of your common headaches. Make sure it’s your abdomen and not your chest that inflates when you breathe in. You may have to practice it for a while before it comes out naturally. Put one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Watch them as you breathe in and out. Always stand or sit with a straight back, air your home, and if possible, get hold of an air purifier.