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With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Venus, this weekend the energies will help you to find the balance between spending time with your friends and your partner. The only thing that will really matter to you is having a good time.

This Saturday you’ll be eager to have fun. You’ll eat, drink, spend money, exercise and socialize a lot (even make new friends).

You'll also think about your life and the things you want to change. You’ll ponder on what you have to learn and where you’d like to travel.

If you're a Leo woman and you know how to take advantage of your feminine wiles, you'll play your cards right tonight. You’ll meet a very attractive and powerful person, who you’ll be able to seduce easily.

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Although you don’t tend to save money, you know how to optimize your earnings. However, today you’ll be carried away by your positive energy and eager to treat yourself going out with your friends and family and booking a course or a trip. You’ll opt for having lunch or dinner in the restaurant and then going out for a drink and having fun with your loved ones. Leo, enjoy yourself and don’t worry about the money today. You’re worth it!

At work, you could be assigned to work abroad for a month to carry out a specific project. It would be a great opportunity to make new contacts, lead a team and show that you’re the best in your department.


If your legs hurt, instead of taking painkillers, you should pay a visit to a doctor. You may have poor circulation or a knee problem.

On a mental level, you’ll feel happy and your day will simply fly by. Magic Horoscope advises you to live these moments instead of taking pictures of everything you do or everyone you see. Put your phone away and enjoy the true essence of life!