Leo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in your zodiac zone of self-esteem will make you radiate with warmth and affection. Your attitude will be friendly and harmonious for most of the day.

You’ll enjoy everything related to art, especially music and poetry. You may visit a photo exhibition with your partner or go to an orchestra concert.

You’ll feel very attractive and it’s a good moment to flirt and have a photo shoot. You’ll get hundreds of likes on your social networks and be complimented by all your friends. A friend request from a stranger may end up in a very spicy conversation.

On the other hand, the Sun in your personal image area will make you feel very self-confident, but you must be careful and control your ego.

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You’ll realize that you haven’t been taking care of your belongings. You’ve got some scratched and stained furniture, and some of it is partially broken. You’ll get down to work to fix these imperfections and feel lucky to have it all. You’ll promise yourself to be more careful with the objects that make up your home.

Mars in the opposition to Uranus in your work zone can lead to dangerous and unpredictable actions at work. Tonight before you fall asleep you may ponder on the idea to provoke a conflict with your superior tomorrow so that you get fired. The stars predict that this strategy isn’t going to work out, Leo. Actually, it may even lead you to bad karma. If you’re not happy at work, look for a better solution.


You’ll experience spiritual awakening and feel that your life has a bigger purpose. You’ll be eager to take advantage of your skills and talents to make the planet a better place.

Physically, you may feel a little tired after such an intense day you had yesterday. This Sunday, take it easy.