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You’ve caught your partner lying. Although these lies have been quite innocent and unimportant (like going to bed later than they told you), they could be signs of possible infidelity. Observe the changes you’ve noticed these days. You can look into symptoms of cheating of every zodiac sign, which will help you figure out the truth.

However, what you can’t do under any circumstance is secretly take their cell phone to read private conversations. If you have serious suspicions, you should talk to your partner openly and ask them directly if there is someone else in their life. Their reaction will help you make the right conclusion.

Single Leos will realize that they haven’t been the only person dating their crush. You’ll feel betrayed.

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You always give your best at work but today you’ll feel exhausted and find yourself daydreaming about a holiday. Unconsciously you’ll spread this low energy around and your closest colleagues will also spend the day looking at their watch every 10 minutes wondering if the working day is about to finish.

Your bosses know you well and they’ll be surprised by this attitude. However, they’ll be worried about your well-being, which is a good sign. Let them know that everyone has bad days sometimes and you’re no exception, although it may be hard to believe.

This morning you’ll be very absent-minded and may leave your keys inside your home. Before calling an emergency locksmith (which will cost you a lot of money), try to open your door with a hard plastic sheet, which works with most locks.


A hormonal imbalance may cause severe acne on your cheeks. It’ll seem you're in your teens again. Your first impulse will be to use makeup to cover the pimples but that’ll only make things worse. Pay a visit to a dermatologist for a proper solution.