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Today a new moon in Sagittarius will affect your zone of home and family. It's time to get more involved. Are you doing everything you can to make your family happy? Are you helping enough with the household chores? Are you being the best parent you can be?

In this lunar cycle that is just starting you have to set your goals regarding family issues mentioned above. These are also good days to have a serious conversation with your father. If there are some issues that are bothering you, tell him about them with tact. He has to know what your affective needs are.

Single Leos will join the concepts of love and money. Unconsciously, you’ll give more importance to the latter one.

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The entrance of Venus in Capricorn will make it impossible for anyone to trick you. If you’re thinking of buying a second-hand car or other big purchase that involves a large investment of money, you won’t be fooled by the seller’s words. You'll review all the details and documentation first hand. You'll even hire an expert to make an objective assessment of the condition of the object before buying it.

You know various single people who are rich and powerful and it may cross your mind to start a beneficial relationship with them. Beware of becoming a gold digger, Leo. Don’t let these thoughts influence you, since this road may lead you to be very unhappy for the rest of your life. Do you really think it’s worth being surrounded by luxury but not having a sincere love that fills your soul?


Today you may have some respiratory problems and be affected by very annoying cough. Before taking cough syrup, try natural thyme infusion. This plant has multiple health benefits and is especially helpful regarding respiratory issues.