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Love may spring up between parents who take their children to the same school. A person who stands out for his/her kindness will catch your eye today. He/she is married since the ring on their finger will betray them. However, it won’t stop you from coming up and inviting them for a cup of coffee. Be careful, Leo, this is dangerous ground and these stories rarely have a happy ending.

You’ll be eager to regain the bond with your children and the best way to do it is adapt to their customs. Set up a game console in the living room and buy a game which could be enjoyed by all the family. It’ll be an unforgettable afternoon for everybody and you could turn it into a habit.

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At work, your rigidity and lack of flexibility regarding tasks you’ll have to carry out today may lead you to two very different points: success or failure. Everything will be dependent on external factors that you won’t be able to control.

Your advisor, who will be determined to make certain investments, won’t be able to convince you to do so. You’ll listen to your intuition which will tell you that’s it’s better to wait.

If you’re unemployed, you’re about to find a job. It won’t be your dream job since the tasks will be repetitive and boring, but it’s definitely better than nothing.


Avoid alcohol today. If you’re meeting a friend tonight, order a non-alcoholic beer. Otherwise, you’ll feel bad and it may even cause dizziness. Remember that the best option is sparkling water.

On a mental level, you’ll be eager to have a superpower like the heroes in your favourite movies. You may get interested in developing telekinesis (the power to move objects with your mind). On the internet, you’ll find a lot of exercises to put it into practice.