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Your partner has been forcing you to do certain things you don’t like. So far you’ve been giving them the runaround but it's time to make things clear. Tell them that they must love you as you are and shouldn’t expect to change anything about you or force you to do things that don't make you happy. You’ll be even willing to end the relationship to defend your freedom and personality.

Single Leos will enjoy a nice chat with their friends about how to save the world. You’ll believe that you have all the solutions to the world's problems. You’ll feel happy with yourself and your beliefs. The search for love will not be part of your plans today.

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You'll consider joining a political party to improve society. You can be sure that you would be a much better politician than anyone you see on TV. It's a good idea but you'll need to commit to the cause and improve your oratory skills if you want your opinions to be taken into account.

You'll feel generous and give some food from your pantry to a beggar you've seen on the street. You will be chatting for a while and he/she will tell you how some business debts led him/her to that situation. This will make you reflect on your own debts and focus on paying them as soon as possible.


Energy will flow through every pore of your skin and you’ll be in perfect health to do any activity that will come to your mind. Take advantage of it and go for a run or go cycling in a forest, mountains or anywhere you can.

On a mental level, you’ll come up with many great ideas on how to help yourself and society. Lots of offers will accumulate in your brain and you’ll feel the need to share them.