Leo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Mercury in your family and the home zone will be in a sextile with Saturn in your children and romance zone. This means that your family will be your priority and you’ll be eager to devote all your time to them. You’ll feel responsible for your father, siblings and children, so you’ll visit them and offer your help and affection.

You’re not one of the most romantic signs, Leo, but today you’ll be taken over by creativity to make something beautiful for your partner. A picture with photographs of both, or a bouquet of roses made with cardboard will be a gift that your other half will love.

You’ll play and act silly with your kids and help them with their homework or revision for exams. You’ll even let them decide what they want for dinner.

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You could become a victim of a scam this Saturday. A contract of purchase won’t come as expected and you could even lose a lot of money. If you can prove that you’ve been deceived, you must take legal action. You’ll learn a life lesson that will make you be more careful with your future purchases.

When it comes to business and employment, it’s also better to avoid signing contracts, making investments or making deals with customers. The stars won’t favor you.


You'll be very interested in the occult and mystical world. You may have even wondered if you are a sorcerer because you sometimes think that you see unexplainable things or you have the feeling that you’re not alone at home.

If you've been feeling uneasy for days, don't underestimate it. With Neptune in your house VIII of the natal chart, it could be a virus or a really serious illness. Pay a visit to a doctor and explain how you feel in detail. Ask him/her to derive you to all possible medical checks.