Leo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


It’ll be a very positive day when it comes to couples, marriage and family. The Moon will perfect its Growing Fourth phase in Pisces (together with Neptune) in your zone of relationships. This will give the day a very romantic and tender aura. As the Sun is in your family zone, you may consider having children (if you don't have them) or even have a second or a third one if you have already lived the great adventure of being a parent.

You’ll be eager to spoil each other with your partner today. You’ll feel teenagers again and be sure that you’re always going to be together no matter what happens.

If you are a single Leo, you’ll also be eager to become a parent. Conventional family structures have changed and you can have a child on your own if that's what you really want.

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A close person will offer you to take part in a successful local project. If you like this business model and you think it’s going to be useful to society, don’t think twice and let the adventure begin.

Your parents-in-law will sell a property and give your spouse some money. You won’t be able to use this money in the short term since you’ve already talked to your partner about putting it aside and saving up a property purchase in the future.


Teamwork will help you to strengthen your personal ties. This will fill you with satisfaction and joy. The feeling of community is important to make us feel loved and happy, and this is what you’ll experience today.

On a physical level, you’ll be in good health but you’ll have such a hectic day, that you’ll end up with foot pain.