Today you’ll feel very nostalgic, especially if you’ve been together with your partner for more than 8 years. You’ll be eager to look at the pictures that you took at the beginning of your relationship and read your first conversations. When you fall in love, you send thousands of silly texts! You’ll remember the way you felt at the beginning, your nerves and laughs trying to find the perfect moment for the first kiss.

Although now you and your partner are quite different from when you first met, you’ve grown together as a couple and you’re still in love. Your secret smile and good vibes will be contagious today!

Single Leos should be alert, as they’re about to find love, which may hide in the least expected place. For example, you may bump into someone in a public administration office when taking care of your paperwork.

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You’ll have to deal with customers and potential shareholders who are not to your liking. These people have very different moral and ethical approaches and you're not good at putting a fake smile on your face. Don't lose your nerves and keep doing your best at work. Others’ rude behaviour doesn’t mean you can’t be polite.

If you work with cash, be especially careful today as a customer may not give you the correct amount of money. Once you close out your cash register, it’ll be too late and you’ll have problems.


Your mood swings will affect your day. You’ll feel cheerful, happy and grateful all day long, but in the evening some problems will increase your heart rate and you’ll start feeling angry and nervous.

Leo, you must be careful with going to extremes, as they may lead you to certain discomfort. You may slam your finger or toe in the door, which will hurt all day. But don't worry, it won’t be anything serious.