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This Monday can be very special. Have you been waiting for your partner to propose to you? Well, if you notice a strange, nervous and clumsy attitude, you may be sure that this moment is about to come. However, even if that’s something you’ve been wishing for months, you’ll have second thoughts. Don’t brood over it and listen to your heart; it’ll guide you the right way.

If you’re single, a childhood crush will get in touch withyou asking you to meet him/her and chat about old times. They’ll want to know how you've been doing and they may confess that they’ve been in love with you for many years. What a coincidence! You were, too, and none of you has ever said anything. Perhaps the Universe is giving you another chance?

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If you have your own business, you’ll get an offer to sponsor a local soccer or basketball team. It’s an effective marketing technique that will make you known in your city and also give your company a positive image. If you can afford it, go ahead.

You’ll find it very difficult to wake up (again) and you’ll be late for work. It won't be long (10 or 15 minutes) but it's a lack of responsibility and your boss will have a severe chat with you. You’re walking on thin ice and if it happens again, you could get fired.


You may slip on the wet floor and twist your ankle. It won't be anything serious but you won’t be able to walk properly for the rest of the day. Magic Horoscope recommends you apply an anti-inflammatory cream on the area and rest.

We know that makeup is a must for you, but it’s essential to remove it properly before going to bed. Don’t be lazy, and make sure you clean and moisturize your face before you go to sleep.