Leo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


A workmate will confess that he/she has a crush on you. You’ve already suspected that since they’ve been sending you clear signs that they’re interested in you. However, you don’t have any feelings for them and no matter how nicely you’ll reject them, they’ll get very angry with you and blame you for sending false signals, nothing further from the truth. One sees what he/she wants to see…

This situation could get worse since this person doesn’t have good vibrations. He/she will try to turn your colleagues against you inventing rumours and gossiping about you, which could eventually reach your partner’s ears. Try to explain this situation to your other half so you don’t have any problems in the future.

Magic Horoscope recommends you get hold of some mint to protect yourself against bad energies and, if possible, keep it close to you in your workplace.

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An unexpected payment will destabilize your income. It may be related to a telephone service that you cancelled months ago but there was an outstanding invoice. Arm yourself with patience since these issues are never easy to solve.

Moreover, a close family member will ask you for money. It’s not the first time this year and the problem is that you never get your money back. This impertinence and no mention of the previous debts will lead you to deny this request in bad manners.

The self-discipline that you employ at work these days means that you can finish all your tasks and go home on time, well done, Leo!


A friend will confess that he/she is seriously ill. This will get you down mentally but you won’t show it and be there for him/her to give all your love and support.

This will remind you how lucky you are and make you reconsider your bad habits and vices.