You’ll be able to anticipate your partner's movements when it comes to your intimate life. You’ll satisfy all their desires without them having to tell you anything. You’ll have some kind of psychic power to know what your better half wants. Therefore, you’ll dare to be more creative in bed and try out positions that you’ve never sought before.

You’ll have a lot of fun playing board games with all your family. Whether it's a quiz or a card game, you’ll win every time. Take advantage of it and get your children to clean their rooms by saying: "Whoever loses must tidy their room and sweep the floor". It’ll definitely work out in your favour.  

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The very positive energy in your area of investment, finances and social power will do you lots of good today. Your intuition and agile mind will lend you a hand when it comes to understanding and betting on more technical, avant-garde and mathematical options. You’ll be eager to learn about technological innovations and apply them to your profession.

Your sharpened sixth sense will help you make the right decisions when making investments, which will bring you benefits in the short term. You’ll have nerves of steel and won’t let other people's opinions influence you.

Therefore, today Leos who work in the fields of programming, mathematics, networking, architecture, and investments will be benefited by the stars.


You'll have a lot of magnetism and energy. You may even be able to turn the light on and off without touching the switch.

Any psychic ability you possess will be enhanced. Therefore, it’s a perfect day to look into your birth chart or consult the oracle.

When it comes to your physical health, your respiratory system will be weak. If you are going to be in highly polluted places, wear a mask to filter the air.