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Today you may reconcile with your partner, Leo. You’ll have an opportunity to talk things over from an objective point of view. Remember that people are not trying to harm you; they just act in the best way they know and it depends on you how you’re going to interpret their behavior.

Words from the heart and sincerity will help you rebuild a relationship that seemed broken forever.

If you’re single, wearing something red will help you attract love. A T-shirt, a dress or even a red lipstick will attract people’s attention. Someone you barely know may be secretly in love with you. You thought that this person wasn’t interested in you at all, but he/she was just shy.

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A new colleague will join your department and take all the attention off you. Your new workmate will be good-looking and charismatic. He/she will have your leadership skills, which will make you nervous. Try to figure out if what you feel is jealousy or fear that someone may get to the top faster than you.

Instead of ignoring your new colleague, follow the advice of having your friends close and your enemies even closer. Why don’t you talk to him/her? You may even become friends!

Today beware of thefts. It's best not to carry large amounts of money or credit cards with you. If not, you may find that your wallet is not in your pocket when you want to pay for your coffee.


Due to the change of seasons insects are more active than usual and you could notice a bite or a sting on your arm. You won’t be sure how it happened, but it’s not important. Make sure you’re not allergic to this insect. The bite or the sting may cause itching and swelling. Place a cold compress to reduce swelling or go to a pharmacy for a special ointment.