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A friend will let you know that your spouse has an active profile on a dating web or application. You’ll ask your mate to send you all the available material they have as evidence. However, you don't think your partner has any reason to be unfaithful to you, let alone in such a stupid way. It's likely that someone who wants to hurt your loved one has supplanted his/her identity to ruin your marriage. It's best not to dwell on the subject, and to clear things up calmly when you're both at home.

Single Leos might find love these days. If you work in a big company where lots of new people are hired for Christmas season, you may meet someone special among them. Open your eyes wide; you’re so stressed these days that you may not notice there’s someone deeply interested in you.

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Some budgets that you presented days ago will be approved. You’ll finally be relieved since your salary will be reassured for several months. Now you’ll have to charge your batteries and do your best so that the results are excellent. If your customers are satisfied, they may recommend you to their friends who, in turn, will ask you for your services.

If you own a property and you’re renting it to a family, this month they won’t be able to pay you the rent. Your tenants are going through a rough patch. The best thing you can do is try to reach an agreement from a firm perspective.


You’ll wake up with a headache which will last all morning. It may be caused by a bad posture at night. If you can deal with this pain, it's best not to take medication because by noon you'll feel much better.

If you’re waiting for some medical test results, they’ll delay because your doctor is ill.