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An argument with a family member will divide your family into two bands. Things from your past will come to light due to reproaches. Your partner will find out about things from your past you didn’t want them to know. These things happened a long time ago when you were just starting this relationship and you weren’t sure if it was something serious.

Single Leos will be so obsessed with improving their self-image that they won’t even notice that they have an interesting friendship request on their social networks.

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You’ll win a competition you signed up for last week. And you thought you could never win anything, Leo! If you take part in every contest that you come across scrolling your social networks, you must win at least some of them, right?

It’ll be a busy day at work. You’ll have a lot of meetings and projects to set in motion. However, everything will turn out just fine. Your skills and character will be reflected in your work. Well done, Leo!

If you’re trying to sell your property, keep an eye on the phone because a couple of interested contacts will call. Be astute and tell them that there are more people interested so that, instead of haggling the price down, they offer you more money.


A reflexology session would do you a lot of good. A proper foot massage will help you relieve stress and anxiety. Moreover, it’ll stimulate blood circulation.

The Moon in Pisces will boost your intuition and your dream world. It’s very important that you pay attention to your dreams tonight because they’re signs of our unconsciousness.