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When a relationship ends, it’s useless to apportion blame. Reproaches won't help you heal. What you should do instead is focus on yourself. You may think that you’ll never find your soul mate, but don’t despair, Leo. This relationship has taught you many things. Be grateful for it and close this stage.

Now it’s time to look for support in your family and friends’ company. Think about what objectives and plans you had put off because of lack of time and keep yourself busy. Buy a book about how to get over a breakup and remember that heartbreak has never killed anyone.

If you’re single, you’ll be a little sad. Everyone seems to be super happy with their relationships and you still can't find true love! We regret to inform you that today there will be no changes in your love life.

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You’ll spare no expense when it comes to doing up your home. You may change pillowcases, buy some candles, a fancy carpet and a couple of pictures. Choose colors that match your personality: red, orange, yellow. Vivid and intense colors will give your home that special vibration you feel this month.

Some of your workmates will cheat and write down more hours than they’ve actually done. You know it's not right, but if you tell your superiors, you'll be "the snitch" and the others will ignore you. The best thing to do is to keep focusing on your work and let others do theirs. Karma always strikes, including your colleagues.


Today you’ll be in low spirits. You’ll feel tired and dejected due to pessimism. There are always some bad days in our lives; otherwise, we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones. If you have to let off steam, don’t restrain yourself. Cry out everything you’ve kept inside until there’s nothing left. And then you’ll only feel peace.