The harmonic aspect between Mercury and Neptune will make your conversations more empathetic and sensitive. It’s a good moment to have a sincere chat with your partner or children and ask them if they’re happy. You’ll understand their point of view better and be able to give your opinion in a gentle, careful and non-threatening way.

Your sex appeal and fascinating charm will make you the centre of attention. Single Leos should take advantage of this energy to approach the person who’s been on their mind. It’s also likely that someone you don’t know will try to engage in a conversation with you to get your phone number.

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The stars will also have an influence on your area of work and hobbies. If you write poetry or songs, dance or act, you’ll be overflown with creativity and be able to deeply move your audience.

Your negotiation skills and intuition will be enhanced. So, it's a good day to close deals on big investments (either personal or conjunctive), and discuss issues that have to do with your job (such as a pay rise, working in another department or reduction of your working hours).

You’ll definitely obtain benefits but not in the short term. You won't see your new income for another month.

Leos who are unemployed and have a job interview today have nothing to worry about. If you prepare for it beforehand, the job will be yours.


Your lucid mind will help you take in the most important concepts of anything you’re interested in. Take advantage of it and look for information on healthy eating. But above all, this energy will enhance your psychic and spiritual abilities.

When it comes to your physical health, the Moon in Gemini can cause cervical pain if you don’t watch your positions when working in front of a computer or lifting weight.