You’ll be shouting on the inside: “Hey, look at me!” as a child seeking his mother’s attention. With the full moon in your sign, you’ll need more attention to feel safe and loved.

You’ll look for romance to feel fulfilled and happy. You’ll have a very protective attitude and feel as if you should take care of your partner. Romanticism will stand out as your main virtue this Sunday.

If you’re single, you’ll be eager to fall in love, and you’ll try to conquer anyone who will approach and flatter you.  

If you have children, you’ll take very good care of them. They’re the meaning of your life and you’ll be eager to spend your time with them and express your love and affection. If you don’t have kids, you may start considering having one.

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The conjunction of Venus and Lilith in Aries may cause some accidents today. That’s why you should be very careful and take precautions if you’re going on a long trip. It’s also possible that your flights will be cancelled or delayed.

If you’re abroad or studying for a foreign language exam, astral aspects may cause a mental block. Be patient, do your best and, if necessary, take advantage of technological tools to help you through it.

If this isn’t your case, today’s energy may lead you to start a journey that will help you evolve spiritually.


Planet alignment will benefit you with a lot of energy. Sexuality will be your best ally to channel it. Having sex will be the best way to bring together your needs, feelings and physical activity.

If you don’t have a partner, remember that you can enjoy your sexuality and body on your own! Nobody knows what you like better than you, Leo!