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Today people have very different concepts about love. Some think love and sex don’t have to go together. For many, they’re two concepts that aren’t even linked. Having this in mind, you'll look into types of relationships you didn't know about: open relationships, polyamory, hybrid couples, swingers, etc.

Leo, try to keep an open mind; perhaps your next relationship will be very different from all the previous ones. However, make sure it’s something you really want before you get into an unusual relationship.

In the afternoon, you’ll have to have a serious chat with your children about the limits at home. They should be more responsible and help with the housework. After all, it's also their home and they have to be tidy and clean (at least put away their belongings and clear up their room).

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You’ll be doing everything you can to maximize the benefits of your business. However, it’ll take almost all of your time and make you forget about yourself. Why don’t you hire someone to lend you a hand, at least for a couple of hours a day? This way you’ll finish your tasks faster and have some time left for your social life. Life quality is more important than money.

Although it’s not your birthday, an elderly family member (your mother or grandmother) will give you some money on the sly, as if you were buying something illegal. You won't be able to turn it down, so just say thank you and give them a big hug.


It'll be a good day to connect with your inner self. If you have the chance, sit barefoot on the ground in a tree-lined promenade and stay in the present for a few minutes.

Let the thoughts flow without giving them importance and listen to the voice of your true self; it can reveal many things to you.